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Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Past Trauma

  • 1 h
  • 100 euros
  • Main Street

Service Description

ME: What a beautiful day….What could possibly go wrong? ANXIETY: Well I’m Glad You Asked… Sound Familiar?… What would your life be like without anxiety and the constant tiredness, the dreaded brain fog and continual worry that goes along with it? Life is tough enough at times without your own mind getting in the way. Our subconscious minds are really good at looking for dangers, risks, problems whether they be real or imagined, to keep us safe. In doing so, our subconscious often makes sloppy pattern matches, that is to say, our subconscious mind often places excessive levels of fear and anxiety around everyday events or past traumatic events. And while this keeps us safe and out of harms way, it fuels anxiety and negatively impacts our lives, relationships, self-esteem, moods, weight and wellbeing. Anxiety is something that impacts the lives over 40% of people across Ireland and the UK and is a growing statistic across every demographic in society. For those of us who experience it on a daily basis, it can be crippling from both a mental and physical perspective. Derek works with Clients to gently unearth the source of their anxiety/PTSD in a safe and confidential space, to release limiting behaviours and beliefs, instil positive suggestions for change and empower them to take back the reigns of control in their lives again.

Contact Details

  • Blanchardstown Therapy Centre, Main Street, Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland

    085 141 3651

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