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Q.S, Dublin

Derek turned my life around. I had a fear, no a phobia about flying. Every holiday/work
trip abroad was dreaded as it entailed getting on a plane. Now thanks to Derek I actually had 16 flights within a 6 week period and I not only had no fear but enjoyed the experience. I cannot stress how much Derek helped me. Thank you.

Couple on a Walk

K.K, Louth

I approached Derek for help in stress management, which played a critical role in my day to day life. He not only turned me into a different person, who can now enjoy her life, is able to find the balance between work and family, but also helped me to gain the confidence in myself and release the potential buried deep inside my subconscious. Can’t recommend him enough. Big Thank you to you Derek!

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C.D, Dublin

I worked with Derek earlier this year to help with mind set on perceived weaknesses in
competition and stay calm during competition etc! Definitely has helped me a lot to overcome these thoughts and helped improve my performance immensely. Would 100% recommend.

Woman Running

D.L, Meath

I can’t recommend Derek enough, he’s made a huge difference to my day to day life. I approached Derek for help with stress management and unknown to me I was at stage where my stress was affecting my every day and not just my work life. In a very short time Derek has made a massive difference to my life, not only am I managing my stress I’m much more confident in myself which has prepared me better for weightlifting competitions - where I suffered hugely with nerves. Genuinely can’t recommend him enough.

Stressed Man

LO'C, Kildare 

I have been working with Derek for a number of months on addressing anxiety stressors which I have carried throughout my life, affecting me in every aspect, from work to personal to competition. The changes I felt after even one session alone were outstanding. In each aspect of my life that was previously affected, I am now far more calm, relaxed and have the tools and mind set to approach them in the correct manner. I cannot recommend Derek enough and I look forward to continue working with him in the future!


C.F, Dublin

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Derek for all his help. I hadn’t been able to get on a plane in 7 years because my mind had tricked me into thinking I was claustrophobic. Two sessions with this guy and I'm currently sitting In the south of France with a beer in hand!
Honestly this guy works miracles, I used to have panic attacks on trains because it was too tight and I today I was excited to get on a plane no shakes no lump in my throat
breathing easy with a smile on my face! Honestly Derek you changed my life. 

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